Verstrickungen / Prepletanje

Performance and site specific installation in Gornja Radgona (SLO) / Bad Radkersburg (AT), by Matthias Jäger and Christoph-Matthias Kügler. Entwerfen Spezialisierter Themen 2008, Institute for Contempory Art, TU Graz. Thanks to Hans Kuppelwieser, Ruby Sircar and Nicole Pruckermayer. The project was an artistic confrontation with the “twin city” of Gornja Radgona / Bad Radkersburg and the complete opening of the border in 2007. By working together on a common cause limits disappear and people collaborate. We wanted to involve as many people as possible on both sides of the border, to participate in a joint handwork. Thus, a large number of knitted, square patches of wool were created, knitted by the people from the entire region. These individual parts were combined – also by hand – into a temporary object. Not only the object, but much more the one-week work on in different places in the region was an attempt to connect people in this area and to “entangle cultures”.