Unique Object, Graz (AT), 2009. Collaboration with Georg Kettele. We printed differently rastered grids with lines and dots on transparent acrylic and mounted the prints on an array of diapositive frames. This was our first “viral” image in those days :-) and you can find it on many blogs or even on pinterest.


Verstrickungen / Prepletanje

Performance and site specific installation in Gornja Radgona (SLO) / Bad Radkersburg (AT), by Matthias Jäger and Christoph-Matthias Kügler. Entwerfen Spezialisierter Themen 2008, Institute for Contempory Art, TU Graz. Thanks to Hans Kupelwieser, Ruby Sircar and Nicole Pruckermayer. The project was an artistic confrontation with the “twin city” of Gornja Radgona / Bad Radkersburg and […]