About Matthias

Matthias Jäger (*1979, AT) is a visual artist, based in Austria. He creates abstract images with self-written software algorithms.

Matthias Jäger studied Architecture at Technical University of Graz, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture Ghent and Tongji University Shanghai. He graduated in 2013 with his thesis ‘主动景观 苏州河 Aktive Landschaft suzhou’. The thesis is an urban utopia that deals with global issues such as climate change, urban growth, rural-urban migration, ecological urban development and consumer behavior using the example of Shanghai. The current work of Matthias Jäger is still influenced by his experience, visual impressions and important concepts of architecture in general. Matthias Jäger is educated in graphic design and communication design. He has worked for years in Austrian advertising agencies and as a freelancer. During his career he shifted from a strict focus on printed designs to digital design, web design and user interface design. He works as senior designer in a Austrian IT company. As a day-job he provides complex technical design solutions working in a highly digitized environment. Workflows and methods of these world often influence the creative production.

In my artistic journeys I develop small applications that generate static pixel images, vector graphics or data for a printing process. I don’t use any professional tool like Adobe Photoshop and rather build my own tools with code. My images are always dealing with a interplay of random numbers and random compositions of simple geometric primitives like lines, points and shapes. I design my software in such a way that I can teach “the roughness of paint” to a machine. Ultimately I seek a well tempered “Atmosphere” in a brutalist world of “Techno”.