Journeys into a world of computer-generated art

NotIntersectingLinesEllipsis | Matthias Jäger, Bernhard Wolf | <rotor> Graz 2020 | Foto Alex Krischner

NotIntersectingLinesEllipis w/ Bernhard Wolf
<rotor>, Graz 2020, Foto: Alex Krischner

Space Noodles, Experiment

Radiations, Experiment

Aesthetics of feasibility and the search for atmosphere.

Matthias Jäger encounters technical limitations of computers with creative code. Every image is created by executing a set of predefined rules in the form of language, a code, or a mechanism. The rules consider automated examinations of user input data such as text, pixel data of images, gestures or computer generated data. He designs his rules in such a way that teaches “the roughness of paint” to a machine.

grid-scapes | Ringkogel, 2018 – 2020

grid-scapes | Schöckl, Hochschwab, Großofen, Hochreichart, 2018 – 2020

Errors and exceptions

Matthias Jäger does not write error-free algorithms. None of his works is tested. Little mistakes are part of the process. Loosely grouped, misleading instructions to the machine lead to beautiful geometric shapes. Names and numbers grow to be defined shapes on the canvas. At the right moment he stops the process and develops a picture, that can be shared, liked and collected.

for(for(for(you))) /w Bernhard Wolf, Graz Reininghaus 2017

distortedCubeGrid, AxiDraw A3/V3 pen plot, 2020

distortedCubeGrid, AxiDraw A3/V3 pen plot, 2020

windows of a generic town, inkjet plot 2019

Atelier Rechbauerstraße 46

Matthias Jäger (*1979) is a visual artist based in Graz, Austria. In his journeys he freely combines ideas from fields of architecture, design and contemporary painting. An approach through studies, sketches and geometrical drawings. At Atelier Rechbauerstaße 46, he works on the elaboration of pictures and series from his digital compositions.

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